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Winner India
Gold Grand Jury Prize


Devrath arrives in Punjab for a film on the folk-singing duo Chamkila & Amarjot, who were assassinated for their songs in Mehsampur. Devrath's meetings with Chamkila’s associates don’t go as planned. Lal, a survivor of the assassination, begrudgingly agrees to accompany Devrath to Mehsampur. At his hotel Devrath rescues an actress from lechers and invites her to his room. Next morning she accuses him of sexual assault, and wants to be dropped home. Devrath doesn’t let her off the car, convincing her to play Amarjot in his film.

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Ashwatthama is a story of a child’s (Ishvaku) exploration of the myths, traditions and legends, which impacts him and becomes part of his curiosity when his mother tells him the story of Ashwatthama’s curse from Indian epic Mahabharat. One day Ishvaku finds a wounded man in the ruins in the ravines near his maternal village. The story of Ashwatthama suddenly becomes real for him.

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